International Federation of Mancala Games

Introdution to game room

Welcome to our game room. This game room was created to entertain and educate all players and for the mathematical research of the author. You can play Toguz Korgool / Togyzkumalak, Owari, Mangala, Bestemshe and some unique variants of these games. You can play in real time or by correspondence. There are robots here (if you don’t have an opponent), and you can use this site to replay the games you recorded. Despite the complexity, the game room has not been in the world for a long time yet, and some functions are still only planned, so if some important functions for you are missing, wait, it will improve over time. Gaming requires registration before the first entry. The author is from the Czech Republic, and translations are mostly done with the help of a Google translator, some parts were corrected by other members of the federation or friends of the author from the Mancala community.

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