International Federation of Mancala Games


How it works:
During registration you need to enter username, password (2x) and email. These items are required. You can also enter, if you wish, your first name, last name, city, country, favorite game and check if you want to receive tournament information from us (default is NOT) and whether you want to receive notifications when your opponent plays and you are on the move (default is YES, I want). After registration, the administrator will look at the data to verify that it is a person and not a robot - during this time you will see a message about invalid email. Even with invalid emails you can play free games, but you will not receive notifications about moves and beginnings of tournaments. Robots will be deleted, uncompromisingly.

After login you are on the main page and there are several sections:

  • 1) Correspondence games
  • 2) Games with robot
  • 3) Real time games

Correspondence game includes training games, standard games and tournament games. Training games are only shown to those who play them. Tournament and standard games can be watched by all logged users. You can create a new game (training or standard), join another player-based game, view the status and history of moves, or play your move. It is also possible to register for the tournament and look at the basic statistics (it will be expanded). The tournament can be played from the moment 4 players register for it. All players registered for the tournament (with a valid email) will be informed of its start. In general, tournaments can be played in groups, using round-robin system, with a group of 4-8 players, so you play 3-7 games at a time. After initial period, when there are more than 8 candidates willing to play tournament, tournaments will be played in several groups, and the winner of each group will advance to the second, final round. In tournaments, we also count on summer holidays and the taste or necessity of not being online for a week, so it will be possible to increase the game time several times. The exact specification will appear here with the start of the first tournament. For non-tournament games there is no such possibility, but on request almost everything is possible :-)

You always have exactly 300,000 seconds per turn (approx. 3.5 days) in correspondence game, first from the moment when the second player joins the game, and then always from the moment when the opponent plays.

The second option is to play with a robot. The robot plays random moves and it's not that hard to beat him. (More advanced AI will come later.) So when you get tired of winning, try to specify the exact goal, how many balls you have to get and try to meet it exactly. Or try to lose overwhelmingly. This may be harder than winning :-)

Little bit of history of this site:
Version 1.0 included only correspondence play, everything was on one page, in four languages and on a different server.
In version 2.0, we separated the languages - the English, French and Russian versions were moved to this server. It will be a bit more pleasant, especially for foreign users. We added the possibility to change data and resolve forgotten password on your own, without admin help.
In version 3.0 we added games with robot.
In version 4.0, the real time games has been added and possibility to replay your recorded games. Next versions will bring the possibility of chatting and maybe something else, and more games will definitely be added.
If you want to support this project, then simply play here sometime.