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Instructions - how it works here:

Registration, login, password change

To register, you need to enter the selected username, password (2x) and email. These items are required. Email is required because the original idea was to create a place for a correspondence game. It will also help you if you forget your password. You can change your password on the login page using the link for a forgotten password. If the entered login and email match, you can set new ones. After registration you can go to settings or go straight to the main page.


There are three parts in the settings. In the first one, you can choose in which colors the board and balls will be displayed.
Small sample (there are many more options):

In the second part you choose whether you want to be considered a beginner or an advanced player, your rating will be calculated accordingly from either a starting value of 100 or 1000 rating points. The possibility to choose the strength of your opponents is being prepared. In the last part you can fill in other data. We highly recommend filling in the continent (if left unspecified, you could run out of tournaments listed only for players from a certain area) and language version (English is default here). As an example for filling in, you see information about the author. However, no one else will see your information. By default, the sending of notification emails for correspondence games is set. After registration or after its change, the email is checked manually by the administrator. He then sets it up as applicable. The reason for this measure is web crawlers.

Home page

After logging in, you are on the main page and there are several game sections:

Play and have fun

Here you will find links to the main sections - for creating and playing games by correspondence and in real time mode, there is also a link to a page for a game with random robots and you can solve a randomly selected problems here as well.


In this section you will find very brief rules of the game, later, hopefully, there may be something about strategy, there are also problems to solve with a choice according to the game and the difficulty of the problems and an overview, how many problems you solved and how many you solved correctly. However, there are currently only 1,500 zero-level problems in the database. You will find the opportunity to play games that you have at home on a record sheet or in a book. Replay mode can be used even if you do not have a game board at home and of course to store games from books into the archive. You can also set up any position on the board and then play from that position.

Play and fight, e. g. TOURNAMENTS

This is a tournament section. The organizer can be any user of the server. He will set up the tournament using the form described below. Players will see the tournament in the Tournament Registration section. Registration is possible from the moment the registration starts (this is adjustable when starting the tournament). It is also possible to participate in a tournament that has at least 13 players after its beginning. If for some reason a player is unable to play all the rounds, he has the option to withdraw from the rounds of the tournament not yet played. The tournament organizer can also unsubscribe a player. In the Play tournament section you can see the status of the tournament - which round is in progress and the number of unfinished games. At the same time, the games of participants that need to be played are displayed there. The Watch Tournament section shows all the games of the tournaments of the day. The draw for each round is triggered by the tournament organizer, so he needs to be present at all times. This makes it possible, for example, to have a shorter or longer pause between the rounds. The tournament takes place when at least 4 candidates register, otherwise it is canceled by the start of the draw. Of course, the tournament organizer can also take part in the tournament, and given that it launches a draw for individual rounds, we also recommend it. What we do not recommend, on the other hand, is organizing more than one tournament in one day. Buttons and players are only displayed for the first tournament held. If first tournament does not finish in time, the org will not be able to draw the other one.


In this field, the tournament organizer is shown a button to start the draw with information about the day and time of the start. The others only see information when the tournament starts and what the current time is, if they play a tournament on that day.


A simple chat system allows you to write short messages to other users present. The chat on the main page only displays the last five messages. Chatting is enabled in a similar way even for each game.


In this section you will find statistics, an overview of currently logged in players, you can change the color settings here and these instructions are also available.

Correspondence game

In the correspondence game, you have a specific time for each move. The default setting is 300,000 seconds, which is about 3.5 days, but you can set another time. The time is calculated from the moment the second player joins the game, and then always from the moment the opponent plays.

Real time game

Real time is a real time game, this is how it is played on most servers. There is given time to play the whole game. It is entered in minutes. In addition, you can, when creating a game, also specify the time (number of seconds) to be added for each move played.

Standard or training game

A standard game is a game that can be seen by any other user and counts towards the rating. The training game is invisible to others and does not count towards the rating. Training games, as well as robot games, are not moved to the archive and are automatically deleted first.

Tip for playing with a robot

The robot plays random moves and it's not that hard to beat him. (More advanced AI will be over time, too.) So when you're tired of winning, try the exact goal, how many balls you have to get and try to meet it exactly. Or try to lose overwhelmingly. This may be harder than winning :-)

How to start a game:

First you need to choose whether you want to play a correspondence game or in real time. After entering the relevant section, you see a table with the options Create a game, join a game, play and / or watch the games played by others. By creating, you create a new game and wait for another player to join it. If there is a game started by another player, you can join it. The game is always started by a player who is called white.

How to play your turn:

Once the game has both opponents, you can view the board. The move is made by clicking on the image of the relevant box with balls. In the case of Toguz, the trap (Tuzdek) is marked with the federation logo. At the top of the screen you will find information with who and what you are playing with, who is on the turn, and buttons for saving the position and ending the game. On the right side is a list of moves and a chat window. The collected balls are shown both by a number next to the board and by a picture of a hole with the appropriate number of balls and a as strip of the appropriate color in the middle of the board.

How to start a tournament:

The tournament has many criteria. In the form for setting up a tournament, you need to select the game, the system, the times for the game, when the tournament will start, when the registration will start. You can name the tournament, and you can limit the number of its participants, e.g. by continent. The game system automatically adjusts to the number of players - up to 12 players it is round robin, with 13 or more player it is a Swiss.

How to create a position:

The player has the opportunity to set up any position on the board. At the top of the page you need to choose how much to add. Click on any field board adds the appropriate number. The system allows you to add and subtract 1 or 10. You can't go into the red numbers! Finally, you need to press the Create button. You will be redirected to the main page, where you can see the position in the position viewing section and if you press the analyze button, it is possible to play the game from that position.

Errors and malfunctions:

Occasionally, the website is still under development, if the author deems it necessary, he deletes all games, cancels the rating, etc., until he is fully satisfied with his work, which he will certainly announce here. So don't be surprised if something changes or stops working. By reporting errors to the author, he will be pleased and forced to correct it. The contact is in settings. Everything is created and tested with the help of a Chrome browser and a 15-inch monitor. Of course, the correct display on mobile phones, other screens and other browsers is planned as soon as possible. Things may work best in czech version.

Translation into other languages:

The web is, resp. will be translated into seven other languages ​​with the help of google translate. For some, this translation may be corrected by some of the players and friends. Some parts may not be translated, especially in the periods immediately after an upgrade.

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